Vacuum suction pads


Pneumatics in automation is one of the largest energy consumers. Pneumatic grippers or vacuum grippers also have high system costs per gripping function.

The set goal of the development is therefore: an energy-efficient, purely electrically operated suction pad without compressed air or a vacuum pump, which can grip and move workpieces of different sizes, weights and surface finishes with the help of negative pressure.


The current advancements of the suction pad in terms of its ease of maintenance, durability and reliability promise to soon allow it to be used in real industrial environments.


– Drive with patented bistable actuator based on shape memory alloys
– Handy, purely electrically operated vacuum suction gripper with FGL actuators
– Compact, lightweight and portable
– Energy-efficient thanks to bistable mechanics
– Maximum load ~ 2kg
– Electronics on board – PLC and bus compatible
– Maximum reduction in operating costs
– TCO- Lower cost per gripping function

Application areas

Mechanical gripping systems, Valves, switches

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