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mateligent has its roots at the iMSL (intelligent Material System Lab) of Saarbrücken University. In more than 100 bilateral research projects over the last 20 years, we have laid the foundations for intelligent material systems


mateligent closes the gap between research and market by developing customized mechatronic systems based on shape memory alloys (FGL) and dielectric elastomers (DE)


Along the lean management processes and on the basis of customer quality requirements, new, disruptive, intelligent systems for industry, medicine and automotive are thus created in mateligent nititec GmbH and mateligent iDEAS GmbH respectively.

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Intelligent actuators made of smart materials, sensors with completely new possibilities, elastocaloric machines for air conditioning with unbeatable efficiencies for cooling and heating – we will bring your ideas to series production with our know-how for our mutual success.

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Whoever is first on the market has the market. Do you want to be the first company in your market to implement the latest smart drives or mechatronic systems with intelligent materials?
Electromagnets, linear actuators, linear solenoids, proportional solenoids, pneumatic actuators, valves, LVDTs, displacement sensors, pressure sensors, air conditioning, heat pumps – many solutions of the last decades will change with shape memory alloys or dielectric elastomers in the field of actuators, sensors and air conditioning paired with AI.