About us

About us

We focus on your business

Intelligent actuators made of smart materials, sensors with completely new possibilities, elastocaloric machines for air conditioning with unbeatable efficiencies for cooling and heating – we will bring your ideas to series production with our know-how for our mutual success.
Realize your idea together

It all starts with your idea/vision, your wish.

With our many years of experience from research with countless bilateral projects at the Institute for Intelligent Materials (iMSL), coupled with the experience of our specialists from industry, we plan the realization of your system from intelligent materials together with you. Actuators, thermal management, sensors - highly efficient, intelligent.

Lean is the program

Lean Management from the first draft to series production is the basis of our workflow.

Whether medical, industrial or automotive - we adapt our system and speed to your requirements.

Flexible project management environment with tools such as Scrum or shop floor management, as well as the standards required by the quality norms form the basis.

From prototype to series

The close cooperation with the iMSL (intelligent Material Systems Lab) connects young dynamic teams with decades of experience from the "old hands" at mateligent.

Whether the A-sample/prototype “from the printer” or the C-sample coming from the tool, we have the test environment and know-how to develop your intelligent system and to test it extensively right through to series production.

Our vision

Dream, plan & enjoy

Our vision is to help shape the future with smart materials, mechatronics and AI. Together with our customers, we will realize disruptive technologies that help tackle the great challenges and tasks of our time.

We are well networked due to our long-term and versatile projects and research. As part of funded projects that bring together interdisciplinary research, industry partners, startups and public partners, we are jointly building the jobs and products of tomorrow.

Step 1:
Introduce intelligent actuators to the market with industry partners – we are in the implementation phase.

Step 2:
Continue to develop the material and processes through development partnerships – the prerequisite for the large numbers and quantities.

Step 3:
Bring elastocalorics into large-scale use in industry and building technology – Disruptive.

Our services

We turn our client’s ideas into success.

Our intelligent material systems enable our customers to tap into new markets and new opportunities.
The right material

Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) = Shape Memory Alloys (FGL) or Dielectric Elastomers (DEs) and the combination of both form the basis.


"Smart" materials means that the SMA or DEs themselves are high-precision sensors. We combine that.

Electronics + Code = AI

Via our electronics and software that can be integrated into your system, we evaluate the intelligent materials sensor by sensor and can thus actively regulate, read out, learn and thus bring AI into the system. Industry 4.0 or advance maintenance become reality.

Smart mechatronics made from smart materials, that's mateligent

The building blocks "your requirements" + "intelligent materials" + "included sensors" + "electronics+code (AI)" result in "Mateligent": The intelligent, self-testing, adaptable mechatronic system for Industry 4.0, Medical or Thermal Management of tomorrow.