Elastocaloric Cooling Machine


A heating and cooling system with high efficiency, which can heat and cool without environmentally harmful refrigerant, flowing media of all kinds with elastocaloric material.


By further developing the continuously operating elastocaloric system demonstrator, it is also possible to heat or cool liquids. Liquids have a significantly higher heat transfer than gases, which means that the efficiency of the heating and cooling system can be improved even further. The further optimizations also make it possible to reduce the installation space so that the heating and cooling system can be used in other industrial applications where small sizes are required.


– World's first continuously operating elastocaloric system demonstrator,
– Power ranges up to 250 W.
– Depending on the alloy, it is possible to transport up to thirty times more thermal power than mechanical power is required

Areas of application

Domestic refrigeration, industrial refrigeration and control cabinet cooling


Susanne-Marie Kirsch and Felix Welsch

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