FGL End Effector


An automatic, reconfigurable end effector that can adapt to a specific geometry in multiple dimensions using shape memory drives (FGLs).


In assembly lines where changing workpiece geometries are expected, the smart FGL-based gripper system could find its application. Due to its high adaptability and lightweight design, the FGL-based complete system can be operated with any robot used in the industry. In addition, this FGL system is also scalable in terms of holding force, which greatly increases the range of applications in industry. The integrated FGL-based brake also makes the application energy-efficient and enables energy-free holding of the workpiece.


End effector as complete system with FGL drive Integrated braking system based on FGL Energy-free holding of a workpiece Possibility to mount bistable FGL suction cups High adaptability due to two degrees of freedom in the system

Application areas

wherever larger (also complex shaped) workpieces have to be gripped and moved.

automotive industry,
glass industry,
metal industry


Dr Paul Motzki, Yannik Goergen, and Lukas Zimmer

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