Smartgrip gripper


Development of an all-electric, quiet, lightweight, highly efficient industrial gripper that is suitable for cleanrooms. This is made possible by the use of FGL technology.


Scalability in size, stroke and force, as well as interchangeable gripper jaws, allow the gripper to be adapted to numerous requirements. Integration of health monitoring and monitoring by means of self-sensing are the most important next steps. The technology is mature enough that the next step is to conduct service life and field tests with the system. Furthermore, the choice of materials for the housing and kinematics must be adapted to industry standards.


– Bistable industrial gripper with FGL drive (4 N gripping force, 12 mm opening stroke)
– Mechanics from solid joints
– Extremely light with a total weight of 35 g
– 90% energy savings compared to standard pneumatic grippers

Application areas

Mobile applications (drones, smart home, etc.),
Prostheses, e-mobility


Dominik Scholtes, Carmelo Piritano, Andre Schieler

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