mateligent founds subsidiary nititec

f.r. Stefan Seeecke, Paul Motzki, Yannik Goergen, and Jens Preetz

Saarbrucken September 2022

mateligent nititec GmbH is founded

mateligent GmbH founds the second subsidiary of mateligent together with the new partner Yannik Goergen.

mateligent is working on a system made of intelligent materials.

“The processes for manufacturing systems made of nickel-titanium alloys (NiTi) differ significantly from those of EAP technology, the electroactive polymers. With the mateligent iDEAS, we have already gained the team of specialists on the electroactive polymers side.
For the diverse possibilities of nickel-titanium alloys, in particular systems based on the technology, it makes strategic sense to concentrate on these projects with your own team.
The risk management and the opportunity in the subsidiaries to open up to potential specialized partners makes this step sensible”, explain the shareholders of mateligent GmbH, Prof. Paul Motzki, Prof. Stefan Seelecke and Jens Preetz.

“With Yannik Goergen, who wants to complete his doctorate in 2022, we have one of the experts in the country as a shareholder on board as future CTO and managing director. Long-term and sustainable planning is extremely important to us.” explains Managing Director Jens Preetz

Systems made of nickel-titanium alloys are used for actuators, valves or for heating and cooling systems analogous to heat pumps in what is known as elastocalorics.

nititec stands for nickel titanium technologies.

Logo of the mateligent nititec GmbH